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Kaydreamer Commissions

Thank you for visiting my commissions page! Below you will find my price list, FAQ and a variety of examples.

All prices are in US dollars. 

Standard Commissions


Sketch: $20 (Bust) to $30 (Full Body)

Bust Portrait: $50

Full Body Character: $70

Environment: $80 to $300 (Depending on complexity.)


Special Commissions

Every Day is Valentines Day: $70 (Bust) to $120 (Full Body)

Because I just love romance...

Critters: $40 to $??

It's hard to choose a price when you have some people wanting ponies and others wanting hydra, okay?

Character Design: +$30 onto one of the standard commission types.



All payment is invoiced through PayPal. If you commission me, you are agreeing to the following payment terms:

50% Payment: Before commencment of work.
100% Payment: Upon approval of the low-resolution, watermarked finished piece.

Once full payment is received, you will be sent the full resolution final piece.


If at any point in the commission process you wish to cancel your commission, you will not be charged the full price unless the piece is finished. However, payment will be retained for any work already completed, at a rate of $20USD per hour of work, up to 80% of the full price. I will provide screenshot evidence from Procreate to verify hours worked.


Refunds will only be offered for pieces cancelled before they have been commenced, or if I am unable to complete the piece.


I will send you updates on the process of your commission at each key stage of the painting process. You will be able to request minor revisions and changes at the sketch, lineart, and colour stages.

Sketch: This is the easiest point at which to request revisions to the overall design of the piece.

Lineart: This is the lineart I will be using in the final piece. It is cleaner and more detailed than the sketch. Small revisions to detailed areas can be made at this point, however changes to the overall design and composition cannot, and will attract an extra fee based on the amount of time invested in those changes.

Colour: This stage is either a roughly coloured or flat coloured piece designed to give you an idea of what the colours of the finished product will look like. Changes in the colour palette are made easily at this stage.

Final Render: This is the finished product. Changes at this stage are time-intensive and will attract an extra fee based on the amount of hours required to make the changes.


Any revisions requested after the final render, or changes to composition requested during the lineart and rough colour stage, will incur a charge of $20USD per hour of work. The revised image will not be made available until after this fee is paid. This is to encourage clients to request revisions at the appropriate stage of the process, for speed and efficiency.

Copyright and Usage Policy

I claim commercial rights to the artwork created, as detailed below. Forfeiting these rights will require negotiation and may incur extra costs.

I (the artist) am allowed to use the commissioned piece in the following ways:

- I may choose to post it online, including my portfolio and social media accounts.

- I may use it as an example to advertise and promote my services.

I (the artist) may NOT do the following without prior negotiation:

- Sell the piece as a print.

- Claim design rights to the character(s).

You (the client) are allowed to use the commissioned piece in the following ways:

- You may share the piece online in any way you wish.

- You may use the piece to promote yourself.

- You may print the piece your your own personal use, or as a gift.

- You may use the piece to create web graphics or graphics for services such as YouTube/Twitch.

You (the client) may NOT do the following without prior negotiation:

- Resell the piece at profit.

- Make prints of the piece for commercial sale.

- Make any kind of physical item using the piece for commercial sale.

- Claim credit for the artwork.

I am happy to negotiate any of the Copyright and Usage Policy based on your needs as a client, particularly if you are creating a commercial product. (Eg: card games, visual novel, children's book, ets.) Pricing will adapt to reflect any expansion of commercial rights.


Q: Do you draw NSFW?

A: Mild stuff, yes. If it's too extreme for me, I'll turn it down. Just ask.

Q: I'd like something which isn't listed here.

A: Pitch it to me and I'll come up with a price.

Q: Do you make logos?

A: Nooooooooo. I can barely make my own logos.

Q: Can I commission fan art from you?

A: Absolutely! I may ask for permission to sell the finished piece as a print. (If you can cover shipping, I'll send you a copy for free!)

Q: Any other questions?

A: Just ask!

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