Kaydreamer Commissions

Thank you for visiting my commissions page! Below you will find my price list, FAQ and a variety of examples.

All prices are in US dollars. 

Standard Commissions


Sketch: $10 (Bust) to $20 (Full Body)

Bust Portrait: $30

Full Body Character: $50

Environment: $40 to $100 (Depending on complexity.)

Special Commissions

Every Day is Valentines Day: $50 (Bust) to $90 (Full Body)

Because I just love romance...

Critters: $30 to $??

It's hard to choose a price when you have some people wanting ponies and others wanting hydra, okay?

Character Design: +$20 onto one of the standard commission types.

Payment​, Revisions and Process

All payment is through PayPal. I ask for 50% up front with the other 50% on completion.

I will check in with you at each of the stages below:


Rough Colour


Finished Piece

If you would like something revised, please ask as soon as possible! I can alter designs, expressions, pose, clothes, etc at the sketch stage. I can alter colours at the rough colour stage. And so-on.

If you need major changes once the piece is finished, these will incur additional costs at $20 per-hour.


Q: Do you draw NSFW?

A: Mild stuff, yes. If it's too extreme for me, I'll turn it down. Just ask.

Q: I'd like something which isn't listed here.

A: Pitch it to me and I'll come up with a price.

Q: Do you make logos?

A: Nooooooooo.

Q: Can I commission fan art from you?

A: Absolutely!

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