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About The Artist

I am an Australian illustrator residing in the vibrant port city of Fremantle.

Since a young age I have had an enormous passion for creative pursuits; in particular, music, writing and visual arts. I like to say I got hit rather hard with the 'art stick'. The art stick knocked a great deal of creativity into me, while knocking out such superfluous skills as mathematics, a sense of direction and the ability to remember people's names.


My creative endeavours have led me down a variety of paths. I first chose to follow my love for music, initially training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where I graduated with a Bachelor in Music Studies (Jazz Voice). Throughout this time, I continued writing and drawing. After working as a music teacher for five years, my passion for visual art tempted me down a different path and I began to pursue a career in illustration.


At first, I struggled to choose an artistic field to skill to specialise in. Why choose a single toy box when you can play in ALL of them? I also loved stories - both writing them and reading them - and wanted to include that in my work somehow. Eventually, I came to realise that if I couldn't choose one thing to be good at, I should look at a field which requires me to be good at almost everything. As it turns out, graphic novels are exactly that.


As such, my artistic interests are in Middle Grade to YA illustrated literature and graphic novels; mediums where gorgeous art meets compelling stories, in which I can dabble in a wide range of artistic skills as I bring those stories to life.

The handsome chap I'm holding is my chihuahua, Pippin. He enjoys long walks, treats and barking at strangers.

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