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Miss Harris's
Voice Class

Remember to fill in your practice journal every week!

Things To Practice


Set a metronome on Google at 80 BPM.

  • Breathe in smoothly over 8 beats.

  • Hiss out smoothly over 8 beats.

  • Extend this to 16 breaths.

CHALLENGE: See how many beats you can hiss for!


  • Sirens

  • Humming

  • Tongue twisters

  • Long notes, with dynamics. (Soft to loud, etc.)

Don't forget to warm up your whole vocal range, bottom to top!


Set a metronome on Google at 60 BPM.

  • Sing your scales with sol-fa.

  • Sing your scales to 'doo'.

CHALLENGE: Once you can sing the scale slowly, speed it up!


Start on songs after you have warmed up!

  • Sing with the original singer to learn the melody. (For jazz songs, listen to lots of versions!)

  • Sing with the backing track to practice on your own.

  • Start memorising the lyrics by practising individual verses without them.

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